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AMPAC Debt Recovery (AMPAC) is a licensed commercial debt recovery agency that provides a complete range of debt recovery services nationally, including skip tracing, field calls, process serving, legal action and enforcement.

AMPAC helps thousands of businesses around Australia including some of Australia's highest profile private and public sector organisations, where credit management and the timely recovery of overdue debt is essential.

AMPAC’s primary objective is to engage debtors in the recovery process right from the outset. The combination of skilled personnel, advanced debt recovery software, voice recording and paperless direct debiting give AMPAC an advantage early in the debt recovery process.

AMPAC engages debtors in the recovery process right from the beginning using the most advanced technologies available in the industry. Skilled personnel, the latest debt recovery software, voice recording and paperless direct debiting give AMPAC an advantage over its competition.

Our Debt Collection Services

AMPAC Debt Recovery specialises in the recovery of debts in all segments of industry and commerce, including:

Commercial Debt Recovery (B2)

An unpaid invoice is a breach of contract. Disputes arise when parties to a contract don't do what they agreed - in this case - paying for products or services supplied. For over 30 years, the management team at AMPAC have specialised in the recovery of commercial debt across all segments of industry and commerce.

AMPAC’s clients range from small businesses to some of the highest profile private and public sector organisations where credit risk management and the recovery of overdue debt is a priority. AMPAC also assists hundreds of small businesses to quickly and cost effectively recover their overdue debts.

Local Government Rates Recovery

Like many other organisations, the Local Government sector in Australia provides a form of credit to rate payers and other organisations, and whilst Local Government debt differs significantly from other forms of debt, the income generated by rate payers is vitally important to the local community.

Insurance Claim Recovery

Our experts understand all aspects of insurance recovery, from general insurance claims, workers compensation premiums, mortgage insurance, compulsory third party premiums and trade credit insurance. AMPAC’s deep understanding of the insurance sector allows us to develop strategies to optimise recovery, reduce timeframes to collect and contain cost.

Strata Levy Recovery

The recovery of strata debt is unique and requires a detailed understanding of the various Strata Titles Acts as they apply in each state and territory throughout Australia.

It is the Strata Manager who is required to ensure the smooth running of a building’s cash flow, and at AMPAC, our Strata Specialists are not only expert collectors and negotiators, they are highly skilled in all essential aspects of levy recovery.

Education and School Fee Recovery

We strive to develop long term relationships by thoroughly understanding the unique requirements of each client in the education sector, and applying our detailed knowledge of fee recoveries to bring about a swift, cost-effective resolution to each matter.

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Maintaining your strata property

Are your Credit Documents Up To Date?

Your credit application and terms and conditions of trade form the basis of your organisation’s relationship with its customers. They establish the rules of the game, and if a problem occurs with the business relationship, you want to be able to rely on these documents to help resolve the issue.

A well-drafted credit application and accompanying set of terms and conditions will pay big dividends to a business over many years, by removing uncertainty about what was agreed between the supplier and their customer.

As a debt collection firm, we regularly rely on these documents when chasing overdue debts for our clients, and sadly, we often find that their credit documentation lets them down in many ways. A well-drafted set of Terms and Conditions can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with debt recovery.

Reviewing and updating your terms of trade should form a part of your ongoing credit risk management strategy. It is one of those activities that costs little, but returns lots.

Got any questions?

To speak to AMPAC’s Melbourne based director, Stephen Moloney call 0401 710 053. Steve has over 20 years experience assisting clients with their debt collection needs, so you can depend on his advice.

Alternatively, send your online enquiry here and a member of the team from our debt collection agency in Melbourne will get straight back to you.

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