Government Debt Recovery Perth

Need Debt Recovery in Perth? We Act For Over 65 Local Government Councils in Australia

Government Debt Recovery Perth

Local government councils rely on rate payer contributions to maintain a healthy cash flow. However, unpaid debts can compromise their ability to fund new projects and improve infrastructure in the community.

Most government sectors rely on a professional debt recovery agency. At AMPAC, we save councils in Perth from chasing leads and enforcing legal action – which allow them to maintain transparency and continue operating as usual.

The skills and presentation of a professional debt collector offer you an early advantage in the collection process. We use advanced debt recovery software and negotiation skills to contact debtors. Full colour double-sided letters are issued in conjunction with phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

This helps us determine the debtor’s capacity and willingness to pay. From there – we establish a payment plan or enforce legal action to recover your unpaid funds.

Legal Action

Hiring a lawyer or solicitor to enforce legal action can be expensive.

To save you from this headache, AMPAC provides a range of legal services. Such as process serving court documents to repossessions, liquidation, bankruptcy and creditor statutory demands. We ensure the government debt recovery process is compliant with Perth council laws and regulations.

You also receive ongoing legal advice to help you work towards a positive result for each matter.

AMPAC Online – 24 Hour Real-Time Access

AMPAC online puts you in control of managing your case. You can perform various tasks on the one platform any time of the day or night.

  • Access on your browser using a smartphone, PC, notepad or other mobile device
  • Upload supporting evidence for your case – credit documentation, invoices and contracts
  • View documents received by AMPAC throughout your case
  • Issue instructions and communicate directly with your AMPAC account manager
  • Obtain detailed management reports in CSV, PDF and Word formats
  • View and print statements online

Payment Portal for Debtors

Debtors can access our secure payment portal to easily repay debts.

  • Speak directly with the AMPAC team
  • Establish a payment plan
  • Make partial or full debt repayments
  • Review documents for previous payments

Got Any Questions?

AMPAC debt recovery services maintain a healthy cash flow for local councils and government bodies. Our team have years of experience working with different councils to bring swift resolution to all kinds of debt disputes.

If you have any questions about our government debt recovery services in Perth, send your online enquiry here.

To speak to one of our experienced consultants, call our AMPAC offices on:

Colin Phillis - 0448 001 313 (Perth)