Secure and cost effective debt recovery in Sydney

Debt Recovery Sydney

Debt Recovery Sydney

Need fast, secure and cost effective debt recovery in Sydney?

AMPAC Debt Recovery employs some of the most experienced collection people in Australia, and then we build on their expertise by giving them the very best tools, resources and support to ensure that our customers recover their overdue accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We advise our customers as to the most appropriate and cost effective course of recovery action.

We encourage our people to get to know the unique circumstances of every business we serve, which means our people develop and maintain close working relationships with each customer, and build collection strategies to suit their business and their industry.

Whether your debt recovery needs are straightforward or more complex involving a contractual dispute, the people at AMPAC have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

AMPAC Debt Recovery specialises in the recovery of debts in all segments of industry and commerce, including:

  • Commercial Debt Recovery (B2B)
  • Insurance Claims Recovery
  • Education and School Fee Recovery
  • Local Government Rates and Sundry Debt Recovery
  • Strata Levy Recovery
  • International Debt Recovery

We work with small businesses, large organisations and Government on a daily basis. AMPAC assesses each individual matter and advises on the most appropriate collection strategy to resolve the matter quickly and cost-effectively.

Call Mark Logue in AMPAC’s Sydney office on 0409 749 709 to learn more about how we can help you.

How quickly can AMPAC get to work on my debt?

Immediately a debt is loaded into AMPAC’s collection system, the initial demand is sent by email. Demands are also made by letter, via SMS and over the telephone.

The team at AMPAC understand the importance of acting quickly on every matter they receive.

Some of the factors that influence how long it takes to collect a debt may include:

  • The cash flow and overall financial position of the debtor (ability to pay)
  • The debtors’ willingness to pay
  • Is the debt in dispute, and the complexity of the dispute
  • The quality of your credit documentation
  • The existence of Personal Guarantees

How can I monitor my debt?

AMPAC Online is one way to monitor your accounts that are with AMPAC for collection. The portal is available to clients 24 hours, 7 days a week via PC, tablet or smartphone. The convenience of real-time access to your matters means you are always up to date and in control of your portfolio.

Using AMPAC Online you can:

  • Load matters online 
  • Attach correspondence including credit applications, invoices and other documents 
  • View documents received by AMPAC relating to your matters 
  • Obtain detailed management reports in CSV, PDF and Word formats 
  • Issue instructions and communicate with your Account Manager 
  • View and print statements online

Got any more questions?

Fill out our online enquiry form here to ask any questions about debt recovery in Sydney, or talk to one of our directors, Mark Logue, on 0409 749 709. He has been dealing with matters all around Australia and internationally for over 30 years, so you can be sure to receive the right advice.

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