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Get one of our team members to give you a call to discuss your project!

Local and International Debt Recovery in Melbourne

AMPAC Debt Recovery employs some of the most experienced collection people in Australia, and then we build on their expertise by giving them the very best tools, resources and support to ensure that our customers recover their overdue accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Local Government Rates & Sundry Debt Recovery

We have a long-standing relationship with over 85 Local Governments throughout Australia and provide a range of services including rates recovery, insurance claims recovery, sundry debt and legal cost recovery. 

  • Commercial Debt Recovery

From unpaid invoices to contract breaches, our commercial team specialise in cost-effective debt recovery solutions for high-profile clients and small business. 

  • Strata Levy Recovery

Our team works closely with Strata Managers to recover unpaid levies from lot owners. We understand the various Strata Title Acts and incorporate those regulations into each particular state or territory relevant to your matter.  

  • Education & School Fee Recovery

Our collection of primary, secondary and tertiary fees involve understanding the unique circumstances of families and students, and bringing cost-effective resolutions for clients. 

  • Insurance Claims and Premium Recovery

From general motor claims, compulsory third party, workers compensation and mortgage insurance, we gather sufficient evidence and enforce legally binding solutions on behalf of the insurance sector.

  • International Debt Recovery

The recovery of International debts varies considerably between countries and involves understanding the laws, procedures and customs relating to that country. Our international debt recovery network means we have local experts all around the world who are ready to help you recover your overdue debt. 

  • Credit Documentation

Poorly written credit agreements can greatly affect the success of your debt recovery efforts. Our team can update your documentation to input clear, understandable terms and conditions to improve your chances of successful debt recovery.

AMPAC Online – 24 Hour Online Access

  • AMPAC Online is a secure platform that gives you total control in managing your portfolio.
  • Use your PC, tablet or smartphone to perform a range of tasks
  • Upload debts for recovery action
  • Upload supporting documents for your account manager to review
  • Access updates and receive detailed management reports in CSV, PDF and Word formats.
  • Issue instructions and communicate with your account manager in real-time

AMPAC’s Debtor Portal allows your customers to:

  • Make a full or partial payment of their debt immediately
  • Request a payment arrangement
  • Review previous payments
  • Communicate with AMPAC

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