International Debt Recovery Sydney

International Debt Recovery in Sydney

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Get one of our team members to give you a call to discuss your project!

24 Hour Online International Debt Recovery in Sydney

AMPAC provides you with real time international debt recovery in Sydney. Our debt collectors will locate your debtor to initiate firm, yet fair, procedures to reclaim your unpaid debts in the shortest time possible.

Our team uses the latest debt recovery software to locate the whereabouts of your debtor and their assets. Even if they are located on opposite sides of the world, our resources and experience puts the odds in your favour of being paid.

International Debt Recovery Sydney

We Take The Stress Out Of International Debt Recovery For Sydney Businesses

AMPAC understand how complicated international debt recovery in Sydney can be. Each country has their own unique legislation and privacy laws, which need to be understood in order to successfully recovery international debs.

When locating your debtor, international affiliates follow the laws and regulations specific to each country. Our goal is to save you from financial hardship with complete transparency and respect to your business relationship. Our collection process provides minimal distraction to the flow of your business and rewards you with a much healthier and more sustainable cash flow.

Our experienced team of debt collectors handles other common issues like language barriers, legal systems and multi-currency cases.

AMPAC Online – 24 Hour Real Time Access

AMPAC online puts you in complete control of your international debt recovery in Sydney.

Access from your PC, tablet or mobile device to manage your account and communicate with your account manager.

  • Upload supporting evidence for your case – credit documentation, invoices and contracts
  • View documents received from AMPAC
  • Receive detailed management reports in PDF, CSV and Word formats
  • Send instructions to your account manager in real time
  • View and print statements online

Secure Payment System

AMPAC works closely with debtors to establish a viable payment plan. Debtors can make full or partial payments using our secure online system.

  • Communicate with the AMPAC team
  • Setup a payment plan to repay debt
  • Review documents outlining previous payments made

Debt recovery can be one of the most difficult, complicated tasks your business will face. AMPACs international debt recovery in Sydney can increase your chance of success and save you from financial hardship.

To learn more about our safe, transparent and timely debt collection services, call us now:

Mark Logue – 0409 749 709 (Sydney)

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