Selecting the Right Collection Agency for Your Business

the right collection agency

One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business is getting paid for the products or services they supply. Often the owners are not sure where to turn for advice and guidance when faced with an unpaid debt, and on top of that, in many cases they simply don’t have the time, resources […]

The Importance of Maintaining a Good Credit Score

teh importance of credit score

Whether you are a company director, trade under the name of a registered business, or you are a sole trader, the importance of maintaining a good individual credit score cannot be overstated.  In many cases, when your business applies for trade credit, some form of credit check is carried out.  This often includes a credit […]

Managing Financial Hardship

Managing Financial Hardship

Because a business or individual’s financial circumstances can change for many reasons, most financial institutions (including debt collection agencies) maintain a Hardship Policy to assist and support their customers through periods of financial difficulty. At AMPAC Debt Recovery, the purpose of our Financial Hardship Policy is to provide a framework to identify and respond to […]

Don’t be left standing when the music stops

Ampac Debt Recovery

Nothing beats a game of musical chairs at a child’s birthday party, but for a business providing goods or services on credit, you certainly don’t want to be the last one standing when the music stops. In the course of our work, the team at AMPAC regularly speak with insolvency practitioners, banks and other lenders, […]

How can AMPAC Help You in 2021

How can Ampac help you in 2021

How can AMPAC Help You in 2021 AMPAC Debt Recovery offers a range of debt management solutions designed to: Reduce the incidence of bad debt Increase the likelihood of recovery of an overdue debt, and Reduce the time and cost of collecting an overdue debt.  As 2021 gets under way, there may be a number […]

2021 – A Busy Year Forecast for Credit Managers

2021 - A Busy Year Forecast for Credit Managers

2021 – A Busy Year Forecast for Credit Managers What a year 2020 has been! The world faced the unforeseen challenge of COVID-19, turning Australia and the rest of the world on its head. The impact has been felt in almost every facet of life, from the hits to the economy including interruption to international […]

Why Customers Choose AMPAC

Why Customers Choose Ampac Debt Recovery

AMPAC Debt Recovery AMPAC Debt Recovery is one of Australia’s most respected and trusted Debt Recovery Agencies. We specialise in commercial and consumer recoveries in all segments of industry and commerce. At AMPAC we deliver extraordinary outcomes because we are a team of high performing, fully licensed, long term career professionals who are passionate about […]

Recovering Overdue Strata Levies

recovering overdue strata levies

Recovering Overdue Strata Levies The role of a collection agency when recovering overdue strata levies is to support the strata manager, making their life easier, and at the same time, support the cash flow of the building, enabling timely payment of all essential maintenance, insurance and improvements to the building. Managing the affairs of a […]

Can I Recover All of My Debt Collection Costs?

Debt Collection Cost

A credit application and terms and conditions of trade form the basis of your organisation’s relationship with its customers.  They establish the rules of the game, and if a problem occurs with the business relationship, you want to be able to rely on these documents to help resolve the issue.  A cost recovery clause is […]

AMPAC Debt Recovery Acquires Shield Mercantile

AMPAC Debt Recovery Acquires Shield Mercantile

AMPAC Debt Recovery Pty Ltd (AMPAC) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Shield Mercantile Pty Ltd (Shield) effective 8th September 2020. In March 2020, the directors of Shield placed the company in administration, the purpose of which was to allow the company some breathing space in order to restructure. Throughout the process, the administrators […]