Our debt recovery services adapt to the unique circumstances of every business we serve

The team at AMPAC Debt Recovery have developed debt collection strategies designed to suit the broad range of markets they specialise in.

Once you become a client of AMPAC, we will tailor our debt recovery services to achieve the very best outcome for your business using our market leading debt recovery strategies as the platform.

AMPAC’s professional collection services are delivered in an environment of strict compliance with all legislation and guidelines and incorporate your internal debt collection policies where required. Contact AMPAC today for premier debt collection services and solutions.

AMPAC delivers a range of professional collection services across multiple private and public sector markets.

Our Commercial, Local Government, Strata Levy, Education and Insurance debt recovery services are delivered according to the unique requirements of each client. At AMPAC, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure our professional collection services are delivered precisely to suit the needs of each client.

Click for more information on our debt recovery services and professional collection services. With the experience and expertise to deliver recovery and collection solutions for your organisation, contact AMPAC Debt Recovery today for more information about our debt collection services.

Debt Recovery

Over 1 million businesses in Australia trade on credit terms. The requirements of each client and the circumstances of each debt are rarely the same, and need to be thoroughly understood to bring about the most effective resolution.

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Local Government Rates and Sundry Debt Recovery

Like many other organisations, the Local Government sector in Australia provides a form of credit to rate payers. Local Government debt is characteristically different from other forms of debt, but the income generated by rate payers is vitally important to the local community.

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Strata Levy Recovery

Take the hard work out of Levy Collections. Recover overdue Levies quickly, and locate lot owners using AMPAC’s Levy Collection Service. Like many other organisations, Owners Corporations and Bodies Corporate provide a form of credit to lot owners, the income from which is essential to the financial wellbeing of a strata building.

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Education and School Fee Recovery

Whilst the Education sector in Australia trades on credit terms, education related debt differs greatly from other forms of debt. Primary, secondary and tertiary fees vary, as do the circumstances of each student and their families.

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Insurance Claims and Premium Recovery

Maximise your return on claims and premium recoveries using AMPAC’s Insurance Recovery Service. Insurance recoveries are characteristically different from other forms of recovery, and require a detailed understanding and application of processes in order to achieve the best results.

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International Debt Recovery

The complexity of international debt recovery can baffle even the most experienced credit professional. The team at AMPAC have many years experience helping clients recover overdue debts both here in Australia and overseas.

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Our Services

  • Written, telephone and face-to-face demands
  • Location of debtors
  • Field calls
  • Process serving and Repossessions
  • Establishing and managing debtor payment arrangements
  • Legal action in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand against both primary debtors and guarantors
  • Carrying out enforcement including bankruptcy, liquidation and creditor statutory demands
  • Handling issues arising from preference claims
  • Credit documentation, credit applications and terms and conditions
  • Real-time, online access and management reports
  • International Debt Recovery.