Over 1 million businesses in Australia trade on credit terms.

Commercial Debt Recovery

The requirements of each client and the circumstances of each debt are rarely the same, and need to be thoroughly understood to bring about the most effective resolution.


An unpaid invoice is a breach of contract. Disputes arise when parties to a contract don't do what they agreed - in this case - paying for products or services supplied. For over 30 years, the management team at AMPAC have specialised in the recovery of commercial debt across all segments of industry and commerce.

AMPAC’s clients include some of the highest profile private and public sector organisations where credit risk management and the recovery of overdue debt is a priority. AMPAC also assists hundreds of small businesses to quickly and cost effectively recover their overdue debts.

At AMPAC, our commercial debt specialists are not only expert collectors and negotiators, they are highly skilled in other essential aspects of recovery including:

  • Locating debtors and verifying their assets
  • Obtaining a clear picture of the debtors’ capacity and willingness to pay
  • Commercial litigation, enforcement and insolvency
  • Advising you on the most appropriate and cost effective collection strategy for each matter

We strive to develop long term relationships with each client by thoroughly understanding the unique aspects of each client’s business, and applying our detailed knowledge of debt recovery across the broad range of industries we serve.