The insurance recovery team at AMPAC have many years experience acting for major insurance brands and specialty underwriters.

Insurance Claims & Premium Recovery

We specialise in the recovery of general insurance claims, insurance premiums and recovering debt on behalf of credit insurers and their clients all over the world.


Trade Credit insurance recoveries are a particular specialty at AMPAC. We understand the unique aspects of this work and are experienced in dealing with underwriters, brokers and their insured’s.

Insurance recoveries are characteristically different from other forms of recovery, and require a detailed understanding and application of processes in order to achieve the best results.

At AMPAC, our Insurance Recovery Specialists are experts in all aspects of claims and premium recoveries including:

  • General Insurance (motor, marine and property)
  • Compulsory Third Party
  • Workers Compensation
  • Mortgage Insurance

AMPAC’s systems and processes incorporate:

  • Obtaining Police and other expert reports
  • Ensuring Proof of Loss
  • Locating third parties and other debtors, and verifying their asset;
  • Obtaining a clear picture of the willingness and capacity of third parties and debtors to pay
  • Litigation, enforcement and insolvency as it applies to the various types of insurance recoveries
  • Working closely with claims recovery departments to ensure individual reporting requirements are met
  • Advising on the most appropriate and cost effective recovery strategy for each matter.

The team at AMPAC have a thorough understanding of the General Insurance Code of Conduct as it applies to the recovery of claims.