Local Government Rates and Sundry Debt Recovery

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Local Government Rates and Sundry Debt Recovery

AMPAC Debt Recovery is a leading provider of rates management, debt recovery and dispute resolution services to Local Government in Australia.

AMPAC is a preferred supplier to Local Government Procurement (LGP) in NSW and the WA Local Government Association (WALGA).

AMPAC acts for over 80 Local Governments assisting them with:

  • Rates Recovery
  • Sundry Debt Recovery
  • Insurance Claims Recovery
  • Legal Costs Recovery

Like many other organisations, the Local Government sector in Australia provides a form of credit to rate payers and other organisations, and whilst Local Government debt differs significantly from other forms of debt, the income generated by rate payers is vitally important to the local community.

At AMPAC, our Local Government specialists are not only experts in the recovery of rates and sundry debts, but are also highly skilled in other essential aspects of rate recovery including:

  • Locating rate payers and verifying their assets
  • Obtaining a clear picture of the owners’ willingness and capacity to pay
  • Litigation, as it applies to the various Local Government Acts
  • Working closely with each Council to integrate hardship and other important policies
  • Advising on the most appropriate and effective recovery strategy for each portfolio

AMPAC offers a range of rates recovery services to Local Government designed to suit the individual circumstances of each Council and its local community.

Sundry debt recovery, including recovery of water, waste, inspection fees and outdoor seating licenses is managed by AMPAC’s Local Government team. The recovery of sundry debt is similar to commercial debt and AMPAC’s systems and workflows are optimised to reduce both the timeframes and costs associated with this type of work.

Our people have a history of developing long term relationships with Local Government by thoroughly understanding the unique requirements of each Council in this key sector, and applying our detailed knowledge of rate and sundry debt recovery to bring about a swift resolution to each matter.

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