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Get one of our team members to give you a call to discuss your project!

Are overdue levies stopping you from maintaining your strata property?

As a Strata Manager and member of Owners Corporations, the care and maintenance of your building relies on funds collected by lot owners. Without this vital source of income, essential services like cleaning, repairing and maintenance go unattended, resulting in a reduced quality of living and wellbeing for your property.

At AMPAC, we provide Owners Corporations and Strata Managers with prompt and reliable strata levy recovery in Melbourne. Our highly skilled debt collectors use proven negotiation and collection strategies to legally reclaim your unpaid debt. We also provide advice regarding legal enforcement like bankruptcy, liquidation, and creditor statutory demands.

To help you maintain a healthy cash flow for your strata property, we perform some of the many services on your behalf:

With our strata levy recovery in Melbourne, you receive quick relief from financial uncertainty and a tailored strategy to move forward.

We have a deep understanding of the various Strata Title Acts that apply to each state and territory in Australia. We take a personal approach to understanding your specific needs and addressing your concerns.

AMPAC Online – 24 Hour Account Access

AMPAC Online puts you in control of your debt account and recovery options. By logging onto the secure portal, you can perform a variety of tasks from the comfort of your smartphone, PC or tablet at any time.

Debtor Payment Portal

Debtors can quickly and conveniently access our secure online portal to pay back debts.

Debtors can access our secure online payment portal to make partial or full payments of their strata levy recovery in Melbourne.

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