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We specialise in Commercial, Insurance, Local Government, Strata and Education recoveries.

AMPAC’s primary objective is to engage debtors in the recovery process right from the outset. The combination of skilled people and the latest debt recovery tools and technology give AMPAC an advantage early in the recovery process. Wherever possible, payment demands are issued via email and SMS both of which contain a direct link to AMPAC’s online payment portal. This enables your debtor to immediately pay the debt, request a payment arrangement or communicate directly with your account manager.

AMPAC’s clients include some of Australia’s highest profile private and public sector organisations where credit risk management and the recovery of overdue debt is a priority.

Collection Strategies that Work

We employ some of the most experienced collection people in Australia, and then we build on their expertise by giving them the very best tools, resources and support to ensure that our customers recover their overdue accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We advise our customers as to the most appropriate and cost effective course of recovery action.

We encourage our people to get to know the unique circumstances of every business we serve, which means our people develop and maintain close working relationships with each customer, and build collection strategies to suit their business and their industry.

Whether your debt recovery needs are straightforward or more complex involving a contractual dispute, the people at AMPAC have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

About Debt Collection Agency

AMPAC Debt Recovery (AMPAC) is a fully licensed commercial collection agency that provides an end-to-end range of debt recovery services nationally, using some of the most advanced collection technologies available. 

About AMPAC Debt Recovery Agency

The AMPAC Advantage

AMPAC’s systems provide our people and our clients with the latest tools to achieve the best results for you. All our systems are fully integrated; this includes our collection system and reporting tools, telephony, payment management system, client interface and redundancy capabilities.

Complete systems integration means we can build collection strategies to precisely meet your needs, and at the same time keep you fully informed of the progress and performance of your portfolio.

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