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Debt collection services throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Region, Europe, USA and Asia.

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AMPAC Debt Recovery offers a range of debt collection services throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Region, Europe, USA and Asia.

We employ some of the most experienced collection people in Australia, and then we build on their expertise by giving them the very best tools, resources and support to ensure that our customers recover their overdue accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

AMPAC serves clients in all states and territories of Australia, including the suburbs listed below:


Western Australia

AMPAC Debt Recovery also assists many clients throughout Brisbane, Adelaide and Internationally

Debt Collection Services

Commercial Debt Recovery (B2B)

Cash flow problems and contractual disputes are just some of the reasons that debts remain unpaid. The team at AMPAC have dealt with every imaginable scenario and have helped thousands of businesses recover the debts quickly and cost effectively.

Local Government Rates Recovery

AMPAC currently assist over 80 local governments throughout Australia, and are preferred suppliers of debt recovery services via Standing Offer Deeds with the following organisations;

  • Local Government Procurement (LGP – NSW),
  • Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV – VIC)
  • The WA Local Government Association (WA – WALGA)

Insurance Claim Recovery

AMPAC assists the insurance industry by recovering general insurance claims, workers compensation premiums, mortgage insurance, compulsory third party premiums and trade credit insurance. AMPAC’s services to the insurance sector are designed to optimise recovery by reducing timeframes and costs to collect.

Strata Levy Recovery

AMPAC has been assisting Owners Corporations and Strata Managers for over 20 years with the recovery of overdue strata levies.

AMPAC’s services are tailored to suit the unique requirements of legislation in each state and territory. When combined with AMPAC’s powerful online and reporting capabilities, we aim to ensure the smooth running of a building’s cash flow.

Education and School Fee Recovery

Recovery of debt in the education sector can be sensitive. AMPAC’s education recovery team have assisted hundreds of private schools successfully recovery millions of dollars of unpaid fees, whilst protecting the reputation of the school.

Are your Credit Documents Good Enough?

Your application for credit and your terms and conditions of trade are one of the keys to effective credit management. They set the ground rules, and are the documents you rely upon in the event of an unpaid debt.

AMPAC have helped hundreds of businesses improve their credit documentation quickly and at a low cost. This investment in quality credit documentation has allowed AMPAC clients to recover debt where other businesses have been left with a bad debt and no prospect of recovery.

24 Hour Secure Online System – For you and your debtors

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, as a client of AMPAC Debt Recovery, you always have access to the latest information and updates via AMPAC Online.

AMPAC Online is available to clients 24 hours, 7 days a week via PC, tablet or smartphone. The convenience of real-time access to your matters means you are always up to date and in control of your portfolio.

  • AMPAC Online gives you the flexibility to easily manage your portfolio wherever you are. 
  • Use your PC, tablet or smartphone to perform a range of tasks to manage your account. 
  • Upload new debts for recovery action Send all your supporting documentation instantly Access updates and detailed management reports in CSV, Excel, PDF and Word formats. 
  • Issue instructions and communicate with your account manager in real-time.

AMPAC’s Debtor Portal improves recovery rates and enhances engagement with debtors by allowing them to:

  • Pay or part pay their debt immediately
  • Request a payment arrangement
  • Review previous payments
  • Communicate with AMPAC

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