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Get one of our team members to give you a call to discuss your project!

How do you know if your business needs assistance with debt collection?

AMPAC Debt Recovery provides advanced debt collection strategies and legal advice. We prioritise your cash flow needs to deliver timely and cost-effective debt collection in Sydney, interstate and internationally.

Whether you’re a small enterprise, large business or local government Council – we delivery in a cost effective, timely manner.

Debt Collection Sydney

Debt Collection Services

AMPAC performs debt collection in Sydney across a broad range of industries and market sectors. Our team is highly skilled, and is able to quickly assess the debtors willingness and capacity to pay. 

AMPAC understands the importance of cash flow for local governments and its effect on the delivery of services to the local community. Our services and technologies are tailored to meet the unique circumstances of each Council and their community.

We specialise in B2B debt collection, and are the preferred suppliers for some of Australia’s best known brands in both the private and public sector. It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, if you need help with debt recovery, AMPAC has a solution for you.

Your debt collector in Sydney contacts overdue lot owners to assess their capacity to pay overdue levies. Our team works with Strata Managers to reconcile unpaid funds and maintain the financial wellbeing of their strata properties. 

We recover primary, secondary and tertiary school fees. Our process ensures students and families comply with their debt payment obligations through swift and cost-effective resolutions.

AMPAC has many years experience dealing with debt and claims recovery relating to motor vehicle claims, compulsory third party premiums, workers compensation premiums and mortgage insurance claims.

International cases are handled by senior account managers who understand the more complex nature of offshore debt recovery. Talk to AMPAC now about your requirements and we will explain the collection process best suited to your circumstances. 

Do you need your terms and conditions updated? Our team can review your terms of trade and advise you on how best to protect yourself from slow paying customers.

How quickly can AMPAC get to work on my debt?

Immediately a debt is loaded into AMPAC’s collection system, the initial demand is sent by email. Demands are also made by letter, via SMS and over the telephone.

The team at AMPAC understand the importance of acting quickly on every matter they receive.

Some of the factors that influence how long it takes to collect a debt may include:

How can I monitor my debt?

AMPAC Online is one way to monitor your accounts that are with AMPAC for collection. The portal is available to clients 24 hours, 7 days a week via PC, tablet or smartphone. The convenience of real-time access to your matters means you are always up to date and in control of your portfolio.

Using AMPAC Online you can:

Fill out our online enquiry form  to ask any questions about debt collection in Sydney, or talk to one of our directors, Mark Logue, on 0409 749 709. He has been dealing with matters all around Australia and internationally for over 30 years, so you can be sure to receive the right advice.

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