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Get one of our team members to give you a call to discuss your project!

Take the hard work out of Levy Collections. The strata levy recovery team at AMPAC have many years experience assisting Strata Managers and Owners Corporations recover overdue levies.

Recover overdue Levies quickly, and locate lot owners using AMPAC’s Levy Collection Service.

Like many other organisations, Owners Corporations and Bodies Corporate provide a form of credit to lot owners, the income from which is essential to the financial wellbeing of a strata building.

The recovery of strata debt is unique and requires a detailed understanding of the various Strata Titles Acts as they apply in each state and territory throughout Australia.

It is the Strata Manager who is required to ensure the smooth running of a building’s cash flow, and at AMPAC, our Strata Specialists are not only expert collectors and negotiators, they are highly skilled in other essential aspects of levy recovery including:

  • Locating lot owners and verifying their assets
  • Obtaining a clear picture of the lot owners capacity and willingness to pay
  • Litigation, as it applies to the various Strata Scheme Acts
  • Working closely with each Strata Manager to ensure individual reporting requirements are met, and
  • Advising on the most appropriate and cost effective recovery strategy for each matter

AMPAC’s technology is purpose built to deliver faster recovery results at a lower cost to the Lot Owner, whilst positioning the Strata Manager as a supplier of choice to their clients.

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