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Government Debt Recovery in Melbourne

Local councils rely prompt payment of rates in order to deliver the services required by its local community.

Unpaid rate and other debts compromise Council’s ability to deliver services and affect Councils financial wellbeing. The nature of Local Government debt recovery can be time consuming and a burden on Council’s resources.

At AMPAC, our Local Government debt collectors ease this burden by customising a debt recovery solution designed specifically for each Council we serve. The Melbourne AMPAC team provide transparent and inexpensive debt recovery services, which keep the council separate from the process to preserve their reputation and integrity. 

Our Process

When you are unable to contact debtors on your own, the authoritative approach of a collection agency can increase your chances of success.

AMPAC are experienced negotiators who use the latest tools and technology to recover your overdue debt. Debtors are promptly located and contacted through various means from telephone calls, to emails and SMS as well as letters and field calls.

The debtor is assessed based on their capacity and willingness to pay. If a debtor is willing to pay, but is experiencing cash flow problems, we establish and manage a payment arrangement until the debt is fully paid. Payment plans are firm but fair, and take into account both the debtors circumstances and your need to get paid in a timely manner.

Government Debt Recovery Melbourne

Debt Recovery Services

Legal Services

AMPAC’s legal team are experts in Local Government litigation, including the recovery of rates, sundry debts, insurance claims and the recovery of Council’s legal costs. Legal services include:

AMPAC Online – 24 Hour Access

AMPAC Online is a secure online platform, which gives you complete control over your matters.

Debtor Payment Portal

Debtors have complete access to a secure payment portal for repaying debts.

AMPAC Debt Recovery offers you peace of mind in times of financial uncertainty. Our collection strategies are 100% transparent and designed to preserve the integrity of your local council. If you have any questions, send us your online enquiry here.

For more information about our government debt recovery services in Melbourne, contact us now, a consultant will be happy to answer your call:

Stephen Moloney – 0401 710 053 (Melbourne)

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