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Get one of our team members to give you a call to discuss your project!
Want to improve the cash flow of your personal or business finances – without tarnishing your relationship with debtors – by letting a firm, persuasive, and professional debt recovery agency do the legwork for you?If so, then AMPAC Debt Recovery NSW can help you.

Recover your unpaid debt

Whether you’re trying to recover a business debt, insurance claim, strata levy or Local Government debt, AMPAC uses advanced negotiation skills and the latest technology to recover debts of all types and sizes – even complex international disputes.

Our priority is to swiftly recover the money you’re owed in an ethical, legal, and efficient manner.

We can also help if you’d like to update your terms and conditions of trade and other aspects of your credit documentation. This way, your customers will have a clear understanding of their payment obligations to you, which can help you avoid potential conflict in the future.

AMPAC gives you 24/7 access to our secure online portal, so you’ll always be kept in the loop. Plus, your debtors will have a safe and secure means to repay the debt back to you – either in full or by negotiated instalments.


Debt Recovery NSW
The team at AMPAC Debt Recovery have developed debt collection strategies designed to suit the broad range of markets they specialise in.

How we work

As soon as we set up your account, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. They’ll take the time to understand the unique circumstances of your debt. After collecting some crucial info from you, the recovery process will begin.

Firstly, your account manager will attempt to contact the debtor via email, telephone, SMS and letter, with all communication carried out in accordance with ACCC & ASIC Guidelines as well as the privacy act.

All debtor correspondence issued by AMPAC Debt Recovery NSW is professionally prepared using fair, yet firm and persuasive language. The correspondence will specify the nature of the debt, the total amount due, payment options, and the possible consequences if the debt remains unpaid.

Quite often, the combination of highly persuasive tone and professional letterhead is enough to convince a debtor to repay. However, failing this, AMPAC will continue to pursue all pre-legal avenues in order to successfully recover your debt.

Rest assured, AMPAC will guide you through each step of the recovery process, and do everything possible to help recover unpaid debt and improve your financial circumstances.

No case is too complex

Regardless of the size and complexity of your debt, AMPAC can help. Our management team has decades of experience in navigating clients through all kinds of debt and achieving successful outcomes.

Below is a breakdown of the most common types of debt we can help you recover:

Even if you feel the circumstances of your debt are too complex, there’s a strong chance the AMPAC Debt Recovery NSW team has dealt with similar cases before, and can recommend a viable and cost-effective solution for you.

Why choose AMPAC Debt Recovery

An unpaid debt can severely affect your financial situation. If you’ve exhausted all avenues on your own with zero luck, then enlist the help of a debt recovery agency that knows how to get results.

Get in touch with AMPAC Debt Recovery NSW today. Simply fill out the online form or call our Sydney branch on 1300 426 722.

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